Beauty (Krasavitsa)
A Gift from the Front
A Bitter Lot
Bourgeoise Selling  Her Things at the Market or At the Market  (Na rynke)
Reaperess inkstand (Zhnitsa)
Leo Tolstoy Reading (L.N. Tolstoy s knigoy)
Red Army Man or Partisan on the March  (Krasnoarmeets ili Partizan v pohode)
The Militia Woman (Milicionerka)
Woman Worker Embroidering a Banner (Rabotnitsa, vyshivayushchaya znamya)
Tamara Karsavina as the Firebird in Igor Stravinsky’s Ballet of the Same Name, Costume by Lev Bakst for the Russian Seasons of 1910
Sailor with a Banner (Matros so znamenem)
Carmen (Karmen), or Spanish Dance (Ballerina S.V. Fedorova-vtoraia v balete A.K. Glazunova «Raimonda»)
Michel Fokine as Prince Ivan in Igor Stravinsky’s Ballet The Firebird, Costume by Aleksandr Golovin for the Russian Seasons of 1910
Copy after Stevedores (Gruzchiki)
Fortune Teller (Gadalka)
Fedor Shaliapin in the Role of Boris Godunov
Speech or Woman Worker Giving a Speech (Rech’, ili Rabotnitsa, govoryashchaya rech’)
Zarema From a series of the main figures in figures in Alexander Pushkin’s The Fountain of Bakhchisarai (1822).
Accordion Player (Garmonist)
Dancer (Plyasun’ya)
Seated Nude with a Bowl
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