This page lists bibliography compiled by specialists in the course of preparing Yuri Traisman’s exhibition projects. Major domestic and foreign publications produced by 2008 have been listed in the Soviet porcelain bibliography.  The Non-conformism bibliography comprises the most comprehensive list of publications by 1998. It is of special interest because it provides exhaustive information about early underground and émigré writings on the subject. 

The “Forbidden Art” exhibition was one of the first large-scale projects that put Soviet Non-conformist art within the reach of broad audiences at home and abroad.  Over the past 13 years Non-conformism has emerged as a popular theme in exhibition and publishing practice.  Although a large number of exhibition catalogues, monographs and general writings have been published, comprehensive bibliography was still missing. 

Curators of Yuri Traisman’s online museum invite visitors to contribute to the new comprehensive bibliography of Non-conformism and Soviet porcelain and would be thankful for information about published works and those in print that they would readily post on the museum site.