General with the Emblems of the Tajik and Armenian Soviet Socialist Republics
Border Guard with German Shepherd Dog
Man with a Fire Extinguisher
Character in a Gas Mask with a Model of a Burning House
Boy with a Model of an Airplane
Marshall with a Missile
Boy with a Bomb Inscribed «For the Reichstag!»
Woman with a Model of the Lenin’s Mausoleum
Inmate with the Slogan «To Freedom with a Clear Conscience!»
Bandaged Boy with a Symbol of Medicine
Teacher Holding an Image of Genghis Khan
Doctor with a Diagram of Human Blood Circulation
Sportsman with Dumbbells
Butcher with a Scheme of Meat Cuts
Boy with a Portrait of Lenin as a Child
Man with Stalin’s Portrait
Officer with a Map Showing the Rout of the Nazi Aggressors  From the Territory of the USSR
Pioneer with a Scheme of Warships
Man with a Table of Orders and Medals
Girl with the Medal of Maternal Glory
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