Yard Keeper (Dvornik)
The Broken Jug  (Devushka s razbitym kuvshinom)
Inkstand in the Form of a Vendor of Ladies’ Shoes
Peasant Pushing a Wheelbarrow (Firewood Vendor (?))
Joan of Arc
Inkstand with Sand Caster and Candlestick from a Desk Set
Tray from a Desk Set
Theatrical Figure (Teatral’naya figurka)
Paul, Virginie and the dog Fidèle
Little Boy Carrying a Little Girl on His Back
The Wounded Soldier  (Ranenyi voin ili «Dubrovskiy», ili chernil’nitsa/ «Batareya grafa Zamoyskogo»)
Dancing Peasant
Pastoral Figure of a Little Girl with Basket
Secret  (Scene from the Russo-Turkish War)
The Court of the Rural Constable  (Sud stanovogo)
Peasant Ceramicist Throwing a Pot
Gypsy Couple
Jewish Woman with a Bundle  (Starukha-evreyka s uzelkom v ruke)
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