Paired vases with five-pointed stars
Vase with Lenin’s portrait in profile
Paired wine glasses with engraved ‘LIB’ and ‘VPB’ monograms and crossed laurel and stylized rose branches below
Paired wine glasses with engraved plant ornament and ‘VB’ and ‘LB’ monograms in round embossed medallions
Vase with an allegorical representation in relief and the inscription ‘SEVEROČESKY  KRAJ’
Vase with the portrait of Valentina Tereshkova
Vase decorative with the image of the dissolved bridge and the admiralty
Decorative vase with Yuri Gagarin’s portrait
Rostral Column vase
Vase with Yuri Gagarin’s portrait
Vase inscribed with VLKSM (All-Union Leninist Communist Youth League)
Vase, a prize cup with a runner breaking the tape and the abbreviation ATK inscribed in three rings
Vase with the representation of a hammer and a sickle
Peter’s Boat souvenir
Vase with the Order of Victory and inscription “1945–1965” on one side and a stylized representation of fireworks on the other
Crystal glass
Souvenir Vase “October”
Vase decorative
Vase decorative
Decorative vase with a power transmission line
Vase with Lenin’s portrait and the dates 1870–1970 below
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