Vase with a sailing ship on an architectural base surrounded by trees
Decorative vase showing Red Square with a view of the Kremlin Savior Tower, Lenin’s Tomb and a part of the Kremlin wall
Decorative vase showing Vera Mukhina’s Worker and Peasant Woman sculpture
Souvenir plate inscribed with “Congratulations on March 8 (Women’s) Day”
Jar with All-Union Agricultural Exhibition emblem
Decorative vase with the emblem of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition
Vase with the Savior Tower of the Moscow Kremlin, Lenin’s Tomb and part of the Kremlin wall in an oval medallion and the inscription “1917–1957” above
Decorative vase with portraits of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin in profile on one side and a view of a plant construction project, an engine and the inscription ‘In honor of Lenin’s 90th birth anniversary’ on the other
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