Stalin and Voroshilov
Brass band of Dinamo Factory
Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky
Military parade on Red Square in Moscow
Demonstration on Red Square, Moscow. The 1st of May, 1935
Budapest Ghetto
Sevastopol, Life Again
Zhukov on a White Horse
Victory Parade: Standarts Thrown
Airplane in a building
The Big Three at Potsdam
Nurenberg Ruins
Nurenberg Process
Joyful Meeting of I.D. Papanin and A.V.Ostaltsev
I.D. Papanin Planting the Flag
I.D. Papanin with a Camera
Photo of Members of the Papanin Expedition
Glove and Pearls
Portrait of Lydia Ruslanova
Night in the Gorky Central  Park of Culture and Leisure.  The Sculpture “Girl with an Oar.” Moscow
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